Training technique for knife and dagger fighting using Author's training complexes and technolo

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Technical means for training in knife fighting are devices, complexes used for training effects on various organs and systems of the body, for training and improving of motor skills.

Considering that the knife fight is a fast flowing fight with the opponent with risk of getting injured, mutilation, and even a lethal outcome, the best way to prepare for such fight can be only the appropriate analogue. It is necessary that in training the student can do in full force everything that is in the real fight, but at the same time he and his partners should not be injured. To do this, specialized training devices are used.

                        Training devices are imposed to following requirements - this is an external similarity with a virtual opponent or his movements, easy to handle, trouble-free operation, conform to the anthropometric and functional features of students.

                        Skills and abilities mastered on training devices meet the real requirements for attacking and defensive actions. Each of individual training devices corresponds to its own special training technique, helping to use fullest its potential capability. The obligatory condition to start the training is the preliminary study and proper execution of techniques.

                        An example of the simplest simulator is the mirror that helps to learn the basic elements of knife fight: sport stand, movement, knife stabbing, protective and attacking actions. The student has the opportunity to see and analyze how certain techniques are obtained, to achieve cleanliness of their fulfillment.

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